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Trading, Import and Export


Marketing & Research


We can help you export crops from Nigeria, such as maize, soya beans, sesame seeds, hibiscus flowers, ginger, gum Arabic, groundnuts, cashew nuts or raw materials available, and import to Nigeria any allowed items. We could also help you to export any items from China, Sudan, Dubai or England to any part of the world, if allowed.

We can also help you invest in those countries in the sector of your interest. We have an agent in Sudan who will take care of you if you go to China to attend trade fairs, market places and companies and translate for  you from Chinese to English. There are major exhibitions in China in April and October. We also help you to invest in Nigeria.

We help our clients to find customers for their goods through a wide range of promotional activities and creating good channels for distribution for your goods at affordable prices. We can also help you locate ware houses at affordable prices to rent, and conduct research  for you on your products or projects.

We invest in properties and land according to the price you can afford. Also we invest in company shares and projects depending on how much capital you would like to invest.


We also advertise your products on radio, in newspapers and billboards in the above-mentioned countries and we do business throughout Nigeria.

Come and do business with us and we look forward to lending you a hand to make sure business is suitable for you.

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